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About Candace

how did she get to be so cool?

Candace Bryan is an American comedian and writer based in London. She got her start in New York City as an essayist and reporter for publications such as Vice, Cosmopolitan, Allure, the New York Observer and many others. In 2020, she moved to London to study at Goldsmiths’ Performance Making program, where she honed her skills as a writer, performer, and comedian for alternative theatre productions. 

In 2022, she began performing standup comedy and has quickly established herself as a rising star on the circuit. Her sharp writing has helped her accrue various accolades: she was a 2022 2Northdown New Comedian Semi-Finalist, was long-listed for 2023 Funny Women Best Comedian, and is a 5X undefeated Roast Battle winner at the Bill Murray.  

In 2023, she brought her 45-minute solo Communist Dad to the Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival with Laughing Horse. British Comedy Guide said the show “displays a keen studied intelligence” and is “ruthlessly edited for maximum laughs.” The show was declared “one of the better statements of intent out there on the Free Festival.”

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